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Drone Operations 

What's the saying?

Your wings already exist, all you have to do is fly...

At ROOTS. we have over 5 years of experience flying drones across the globe covering a vast array of clients' projects from short social media content to larger scale productions.

City Views
City in Snow
City Freight Train
Boat at Sea
Street View


controller _3x.png

We create drone videos to give stories a cutting edge look and feel. We also provide clips to be implemented in edits or presentations for a wider, more cinematic view.


camera _3x_edited.png

We produce stunning high-res aerial imagery from our drones that can shine your brand in a whole new light.


A drone shot doesn't have to just come as a one-frame-fits-all, we also produce 360 dynamic, panoramas, tracking and aerial time lapses to suit your

creative needs.

location _3x_edited.png

Any Location

We have shot drone footage across the globe allowing us to develop our strategy on temperature control, specific gear,  emergency procedures and regulatory processes

and requirements.

Fancy flying with us?

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