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Revealing an automotive classic with an electric powertrain


EV RetroFit

Lancia TOP

How ROOTS. broke the news of a motorsport icon's return to the racetrack as an EV

The Challenge

Ahead of the 2022 season of FIA World Rallycross Championship, our client wanted to share the news of their unique and never-before-seen Championship entry with the world, placing them firmly ahead of the pack going into the inaugural all-electric season. The motorsport arm of French company Green Corp Konnection had previously taken a step away from rallycross awaiting its transition away from ICE - having initially founded GCK Motorsport in the rallycross paddock, it was now time to come back with a bang!

GCK Lancia Delta Evo-e

Having retrofitted a rally legend, the Lancia Delta Integrale, GCK Exclusiv-e had previously launched a road car version called the Lancia Delta Evo-e. Now, GCK were keen to develop a rallycross version of their retrofit and celebrate the motorsport history of the iconic original Integrale that had inspired their e-retrofitting business.


We were asked to share the news with fans and critics of the e-volution alike.


So how did it all come together?

The Solution

We used our PR and partner network to gain coverage in top automotive and lifestyle publications across the globe, including TopGear and HYPEBEAST.

TopGear GCK Lancia Delta
La Gazzetta GCK Lancia Delta

The press release was shared in both English and French, with some publications creating additional translations.

The press coverage was reinforced by social media posting and engagement around the release of the news across GCK Motorsport and, President of Green Corp Konnection and driver, Guerlain Chicherit's own channels.

Chicherit's tweet engaging with professional racing driver Romain Grosjean performed especially well.

GCK Guerlain Chicherit Romain Grosjean Twitter.png

The Results

Coverage Placements




Online Readership


Coverage Views


Global Reach

The news featured globally: Including Europe, USA, Russia, NZ, Australia, South Africa & Brazil

Digital Reach

Increased website views reach by over 354%


Cross-coverage with F1, World Rallycross and cross-country influencers, media and athletes engaging.

Record Readership

Most read piece on 2021 FIA World Rallycross Championship website and social media channels.

GCK EVO-e Lancia Delta

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