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How to lead the way in social content creation.


The Challenge

In a world of ever-evolving social media technology and fast-paced content consumption, long-standing client GCK was looking for someone to take charge, help build its vision and identity, and lead not just their social media strategy but their content creation for one of the biggest Championship team entries in motorsport history. In an industry where winning is everything, it’s important to break through and catch the public's eye off the track as well to establish a brand with personality.


The Solution

ROOTS. took command of the GCK Motorsport social channels and communication strategy. The main focus for us was to put the community first, involving them as much as possible to ensure that the content being delivered was actually the content they wanted to see. How did we do this? Through GCK’s channels we teased new content streams and themes, analysed results, asked fans for views and feedback and took the community on a journey to be part of GCK's growth.

At this stage we found that 55% of engaged viewers opted for not just the standard race shots and reports but for an increase in the amount of knowledgable technical content, behind the scenes insights into personalities, inside jokes and competitions, as well as entertainment.


On the back of these findings, the strategy for GCK evolved to include one technical video piece per World RX event, focusing on more in-depth topics such as aerodynamics, dampers and tyres.


This content was pioneering in the paddock and saw a huge amount of engagement and brand loyalty as a result.


From constantly adapting the strategy in line with social media algorithms and trends, looking at content style as well as timings and tone of voice, we have seen a rise in engagement and content view numbers, with video view numbers and audience retention rates the strongest amongst RX teams.

The Results 

Over 4.8m

Total Reach 

GCK’s social media audience made up 16% of the total World RX audience combined.

Over 425K

Total Engagement 

GCK’s engagement makes up a huge 60% of the total combined World RX engagement on social media.

800K Video


Our Video production throughout the course of the season hit over 800,000 people worldwide.


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