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Carbon-Conscious Solutions and ESG Strategy

ROOTS. x Sustainability

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The Challenge.

In line with government targets and regulations, more and more businesses look to monitor and improve their carbon footprint, build sustainability strategies that align with chosen sustainability frameworks, and engaged and empower all stakeholders.

As such, our client asked to build and manage the execution of their roadmap to becoming a sustainable business. This included brand identity work, a materiality assessment, extensive stakeholder engagement including industry associations, sustainability strategy planning and client-facing carbon-conscious solutions that play a big part in making a positive impact at industry level for this client. 

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The Solution

ROOTS. aid Woodland in the implementation of carbon-conscious solutions whilst acting as a consultant for issues falling under the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) umbrella. 

On the back of this, ROOTS. has built Woodland Group’s sustainability strategy, managing its successful roll-out including materiality assessment, ESG frameworks and sustainability KPIs around their business. In addition, we managed the effective reporting of Woodland’s own carbon footprint (scope 1, 2 and 3), possible reduction and offsetting through accredited projects (in line with the GHG protocol), as well as partnerships with leading companies in sustainable industry.

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Carbon Calculator

We have helped implement an emissions reporting tool for all of Woodland’s clients, helping businesses across the globe in building their carbon footprint reports accurately and effectively to strategically reduce their business’ impact.

We’ve restructured all internal sourcing processes, switching to local suppliers using recycled sustainable materials and are currently working on new supplier management systems. We work with Woodland Group on the development of the switch to fully green energy solutions, reduction in packaging and waste and a host of ‘carbon-conscious solutions’ for the business.

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Throughout, we’ve communicated the vision, its purpose and related changes effectively internally and externally, have built new values and value propositions and all related brand concepts and elements to have the best possible impact.

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How we helped


Energy saving

ROOTS. helped Woodland

save over 75% of their energy

through the course of 2019.

Over 1M 

litres of fuel 


Woodland saved over one million litres of fuel in 2019 through implementing effective strategy and re-routing plans.



We helped woodland gain a digital edge by converting all of their warehouses into paperless operations.


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