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Celebrating the 50th anniversary of Earth Day

We mark Earth Day 2020 by celebrating a couple of the sustainable, carbon-conscious projects we've been involved in with our clients 🌏

First up is GCK's #GCKGoesGreen initiative. Showcasing how it is possible for the wider motorsport arena to be sustainable, the team's paddock structure runs 100% on renewable energy during race weekends. ROOTS. have been involved in the successful roll out of this project which has drawn huge interest from teams, championships and partners. At ROOTS., we are dedicated to finding and developing sustainable solutions that will create positive change in the future, and it's been incredible seeing this project come to life.

Conscious of the global impact the industry has on the environment, Woodland Group Ltd are driven to do as much as they can to reduce their own environmental impact and waste. ROOTS. have been heavily involved helping strategise, deliver and communicate these initiatives, whether it be distributing reusable water bottles to cut out single use plastics, or working on energy impact reports, tree planting initiatives and much more 🌳

As Woodland say - whether big or small, we are committed to continue to create positive change.

#WeAreROOTS #EarthDay #EarthDay2020

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