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From imagination to reality: how the GCK liveries come to life

From the famous red of Ferrari's F1 team to the blue and gold of old Subaru WRC teams - liveries and car designs are an integral and often iconic part of motorsport. But what does it take to bring these designs from imagination to the race track?

At ROOTS. we are experienced in all aspects of brand management, and in the world of motorsport no part of the brand is more important than the car's livery. From concept to completion, we are involved in driving all stages of the process: from idea to briefing in designers, from working with relevant partners to livery reveals.

Check out this short video showing the key stages involved in designing, fine-tuning and finalising the livery designs of the 2019 GCK Megane R.S. RX.

Today we unveiled the updated results of our work in the off-season, revealing the 2020 livery of Anton Marklund's Megane R.S. RX, driven under the GCK Bilstein banner. Bringing together details and colours from Bilstein's brand and Anton's home country of Sweden, while still retaining the GCK DNA, the livery really lives up to the GCK motto of #ChangingTheRules!

And before we sign off, here's two more angles of the stunning Megane R.S. RX that Anton Marklund will be driving in this year's World RX season for you to enjoy:

Stay tuned to the GCK social media channels (@GCKRX) to see the rest of the team's liveries launched ahead of the 2020 FIA World Rallycross Championship season kicking off!

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