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Celebrating 7 years with Guerlain Chicherit

From 4-time Free Skiing World Champion to owner of the biggest team in the FIA World Rallycross Championship and designer, architect and the brains behind his impressive collection of unique chalets and hotels in some of the most coveted resorts, the GC Kollection... it has been quite the journey for our main man Guerlain Chicherit, and there’s no sign of anything slowing down!

Our relationship with Guerlain started 7 years ago breaking World Records on snow, and ROOTS.’ first 'official' project was the 2015 Dakar Rally, which birthed the famous #ZebraBuggy movement. Since then we have managed all his marketing, communications and commercial opportunities through several exciting projects - including his first step into World RX, the creation of his own GCK team, the formation of GCK Energy and many more (including those we can’t even talk about yet…)

But, like Guerlain, we are always excited by new challenges, and there’s no slowing down in 2020. Not only will there be 6 cars racing for GCK, but we are also busy working on new commercial opportunities and business ventures – not to mention all the electric projects that will kick into action over the next few months.

Stay tuned as there’s one thing we can guarantee – there’s never a boring moment with Guerlain!

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