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WES To Hold Inaugural Track Event At Circuit de Charade

As the UCI e-Mountain Bike Cross Country (WES) series returned to action in Monaco, the presence of Mercedes F1 driver Valteri Bottas as an interested spectator may not be the only link between this growing 2 wheel competition and its 4 wheel cousins.

In July, WES will hold its inaugural event at a motorsport facility, the historic Circuit de Charade in Clermont Ferrand, France. And, whilst only mountainous racing tracks need apply, the WES proposition presents an interesting e-mobility extension to the operations of a motor racing facility. In the case of Charade, it enhances the relevance of the race track into the future, particularly when there is a greater active transport agenda in the surrounding urban and rural environments.

Operationally, motor racing facilities provide an efficient solution to a 2 wheel racing product such as WES. Medical, technical, marketing and hospitality services are often permanent and purpose built. Spectator experiences and promotion are also established with a proven ticketing model in place.

At ROOTS, with our contacts and experience of developing projects with racing circuits, we predict that e-mountain biking and cross country activities can provide a valuable complementary pursuit and experience for their customers. We are proud to have introduced the WES product to Circuit de Charade, and can’t wait until July 17th when this historic motor racing circuit in the UNESCO protected Puys De Domes region of France opens its doors to the fastest growing electric mobility solution in the world – the e-Bike.

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