• Carbon Reporting

  • Off-setting Strategy

  • Carbon Reduction Consultancy

  • Sustainable Investments & Partnerships with Purpose

  • Sustainable Brand Concept Creation

  • Internal and External Communication

At ROOTS., we support you through environmental transformations.


Conscious of and committed to our responsibility in creating positive change and the impact change leadership can have, we guide brands, companies and teams through the following:

  • Full carbon footprint reporting, analysis and offsetting

  • Carbon reduction consultancy

  • “Green Partnerships” and project development

  • Creation of carbon-conscious culture

  • IT integration and automation of carbon monitoring

  • Sustainable brand concept creation, roll-out and communication (internal and external)

  • Commercial planning and development of sustainable investments

  • The detail: From sustainable uniform/branded merchandise, to promo materials made of recycled, sustainable materials and events needs such as catering, recyclable utensils, energy usage and end-consumer products, we provide 360 turnkey solutions that are sustainable and forward-thinking.

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Sustainable business vision and strategic implementation




2019 - now

In response to the logistics industry’s undeniable impact on the environment, ROOTS built Woodland Group’s environmental strategy and manages its successful roll-out, from complete carbon footprint reporting, possible reduction and offsetting through accredited projects in line with the GHG protocol, to partnerships with leading companies in the sustainable industry to further improve processes and client offering.


We’ve implemented an emissions reporting tool for all of Woodland’s client helping businesses across the globe in building their carbon footprint reports accurately and effectively to strategically reduce their business’ impact.

We’ve restructured all internal sourcing processes, switching to local suppliers using recycled and sustainable materials, have supported in the switch to green energy solutions, reduction in

packaging and waste and a host of ‘carbon-conscious solutions’ for the business.

Throughout, we’ve communicated the vision, its purpose and related changes effectively internally and externally and have built all related brand concepts and elements to have the best possible impact.