We tell stories, paint pictures, and forge relationships that grow brands and build engaged communities.

Based in London, with a diverse team and global connections, ROOTS. unites brands with audiences worldwide through authentic communications, impactful content and strategic opportunities hand-picked to gain the best commercial, cultural and brand results.

Who we are

Who are ROOTS.?

We are the grit, the sweat and hard work that builds champions.

We believe in a sustainable approach.


From processes and strategies to measurable impact, reporting and commercial planning and decision-making, we work with you on delivering future-proof projects with purpose.

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The team
the teams

At the heart of ROOTS. is our high-speed brand team, using extensive experience gathered over several decades and supported by the latest technology, to take the wheel of your brand campaign.


Meet the team

Our team members aren’t just another cog in the wheel, they’re the mechanics of marketing and the drivers of change. Our ROOTSlers come from different backgrounds, creating a melting pot of ideas that in turn give you an innovative voice.


The ROOTS. team is built on a hard-working and fun culture where strengths are utilised, growth is encouraged and friendships are made.

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Scooby is our head of Data, Ops and gaming Genius, otherwise known as D.O.G. A true multilingual talent, Scooby definitely knows her woof from her walkies. Hailing from the streets of Morocco, Scooby decided she wanted to try London agency life and loves nothing more than a good stroll or to get a pat on the back for all her hard work!

#Energetic #Talkative #Fluffy

Full of energy with a love for sports, this self-proclaimed Kangaroo is a visual content wizz. As well as using the best kit and software, Charlie has an eye for the best shot and the skills to capture it. Charlie has worked on visual design and production for a range of clients, his favourite being the 2019 World RX season which gave him the chance to travel the world to work in some of the best settings motorsport has to offer.

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Brand & Content Specialist
#Creative #Extrovert #Visual

Meg can help bring brands to life with graphic design skills that help bring brands to life.

Always keen to learn and stay up to date with the latest trends, Meg uses an array of top-end graphic design applications to create the best designs for every brand and campaign. With a glass half full mentality, Meg would love to see a greener, more sustainable world and has loved working on sustainability projects with clients.

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Junior Creative
#Focused #Sociable #Organised


Marketing & Communications Manager
#Content #Digital #Nomadic

A keen traveller, Nathan loves nothing more than to explore diverse cultures and use outside influences to improve and expand

on ideas. 

Nathan is able to seamlessly transition between different tones of voice and create written content for any audience using internal and external communications, telling a story that connects with the audience.


With a wealth of experience working with teams, drivers, and brands in the motoring world for longer than he can remember, Ian’s expertise lies in the meetings behind the marketing. The Dubliner has travelled the world with his career in motorsport and worked all over; from X Games to World RX, with a pitstop just about everywhere in between.

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Founder - Commercial Director
#Commerical #Engine-expert 

A well-known face around the motorsport paddocks, Karl’s career has seen him establish operational and events excellence at circuits and Championships across the globe. One half of ROOTS.’ Irish fraternity, Karl’s knowledge of business partnerships is second to none and facilitates brand relationships across various industries.


Account Director
#Knowledgable #Strategic 


A leader in driving change, Nini’s passion for positive impact helps both ROOTS. and our clients in improving their sustainability credentials and company culture. A fun-loving and free-spirited Berlin native, Nini is precise in her work and always gets the job done, whether from the office, a race track or the middle of a desert!


Marketing & Communications Director - Founder (she/her)

#Creative #Passionate #Driven

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